Social Media Tips

Cold Storm Media Blog    •   November 2, 2017

Let it buuurn, let it buuuurn, one of Usher’s greatest hits. He’s stayed hot for many years, and got even hotter last week in the news of social media. This is the same level of heat your brand needs to succeed, and will help you to avoid bumps in the road along your business journey!

Once upon a time, the way to get your product out there was through newspaper, direct mail, and billboards. While some brands still use these tactics, in this day and age, social media is the best way to reach consumers due to low costs and speed. It doesn’t cost anything to create most social media pages, and the ad goes right into the consumer’s newsfeed.

Because the creation of most social media is free, you can invest your money in maintaining and building your pages. Two sites that help you schedule and monitor social media posts are Hootsuite and SproutSocial. These sites allow the user to schedule post ahead of time so you as a business owner can focus on other business needs.

Ok one last hot tip just for you……it’s important to know exactly which social media platforms are trending and which ones consumers use the most, that way you know where to put your product. The government has a fantastic page called that has tons of national data, including detailed social media statistics for each month. Just go to the site and search for whatever information you desire! Remember, knowledge is power.