Our NEW Website is a BIG Deal

Cold Storm Media Blog   •   February 3, 2018

I t’s been hard keeping this to ourselves, but our brand new website is almost here, and we wanted you to be the first to know! We’ve put a lot of work into organizing a new layout that’ll not only be more pleasing to the eye but even more user-friendly than ever before!

The new website gives a more concise view of who we are at Cold Storm and our goals for the betterment of your brand through digital strategies. Whether connecting with us through live instant chat or checking out our new product store, the cleaner design and menu components we’ve added are sure to get you exactly the information and services you desire.  

One of the most exciting features of our new look is our services list, featuring more cohesive packages that align together everything you need to enhance your online tactics whether you desire a social media boost, some creative content, or engaging graphics that are sure to catch the eye of your market.

We also took it a step further by introducing a new blog that provides you with the most relevant information concerning today’s digital climate. New content will be regularly presented on a weekly basis, so you’ll have the opportunity to stay in the loop and sign up to receive updates!

We are excited about the new experience our website has to offer, and feel it will be as pleasing to view as it is to navigate through it. We’ve put a lot of hard work into creating the perfect makeover, and hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor!