I’m excited to share with you that I’ll be partnering with LifeStyle Entrepreneur and Bestselling Author Natasha Weston to host Lunch with Us – An Intimate Conversation Over Cocktails for the Werking Millennial Woman in ATL shawty! (Sorry couldn’t resist the urge)

Lunch with Us is an event curated over food, cocktails and conversations that support millennial women of color achieve success with their side hustle.

Enjoy catered lunch bites, our custom cocktails, yummy desserts and music to keep your conversation flowing. This is the time to level up & maximize your side hustles in 2020.

There are an extremely limited number of spaces available, so if you’re serious about growing your side hustle in the upcoming year, creating a strong support system for your side hustle or just meeting someone who knows what you’re going through, we encourage you to reserve your space before it’s sold out!

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Katrina Garnes
CEO, Cold Storm Media Productions LLC

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